AIAC DINNER 2012 - Program

AIAC dinner, preceded by golf and conference, this year will take place on 26 June at UNA Hotel Poggio dei Medici in Scarperia (Florence Province), located in a charming Tuscany countryside area half an hour away from Florence called Mugello. In addition to our members, we will host our clients, port operators and European Associations' Presidents.

The three presentations will be respectivley held by Hawkins Wright, P÷yry Management Consulting and Gearbulk, and will cover the following issues:

* Global pulp market trends, emphasis on China. Brief overview of the biomass sector

* The future of fibre: HW/SW and virgin/recycled fibres subsitution processes.

* Trends in the European pulp supplies' logistics.

For more information on schedules, hotels, logistics and presentation contents please see the LINK/DOWNLOAD section.

Important for car navigation systems: input GABBIANO as your destination, or S.PIERO A SIEVE, localitÓ GABBIANO.