American Forest & Paper Association

Association Française des Vendeurs de Pâtes - French Pulp Association

(Spanish Association of Pulp and Paper Manufacturers) is a nationwide professional organization that brings together companies in the pulp and paper sector.

Trade association for the paper industry representing pulp, paper and board manufacturing companies in Italy

Italian Technical Association for Cellulose and Paper

British Wood Pulp Agents Association

BeneLux Pulp Agent Association

Brazilian Pulp and Paper Association

Portuguese Association of Paper and Cardboard Manufacturers

Confederation of European Paper Industries

Canadian Forestry Association

Confédération Française de l’Industrie des Papiers, Cartons et Celluloses

European Pulp Industry Sector

Federation of the National Associations of Pulp Agents in Western Europe

Site of FOEX with PIX index for pulp prices, weekly updated

The Forest Products Association of Canada

Hawkins Wright provides a range of market intelligence and analytical services to the international pulp, paper and biomass industries.

International Union of Commercial Agents and Brokers

Analysis Pulp Market

Pulp and paper business intelligence


Global source or forest products information and data

Two Sides was created in 2008 with members from the graphic communications supply chain, creating a forum for the industry to work together and share experiences; improving standards and practices; maximising customer confidence in our products.

The Group of European Market Wood Pulp Users

German Pulp Agents Association

Read more on Linköping University

a potentional way to make algae production

Gland, Switzerland — The WWF Environmental Paper Company Index (EPCI) 2015 shows a positive trend towards more transparency and sustainability by the world’s more progressive pulp and paper manufacturers. The 31 voluntary participants in this year´s Index together produce 15% of the world´s paper and board and 15% of the world´s pulp. While all participating manufacturers demonstrated outstanding transparency, more than 90% of product categories reported since 2013 showed improvement.

Interesting article appeared on Panorama explaining why EXPO 2015 will increase paper collection

Ogni libro lascia dopo di sé il seme della cultura, ma qualche volta può lasciare anche un vero e proprio seme in grado di dar vita ad una vera e propria pianta.


Brazil's economy is crumbling but its giant pulp firms are booming

A McMaster University Research led to the development of energy accumulation systems made out of nanoparticles contained in a nanocellulose web.

During the Smart Energy Expo 2015, Green Style interviewed Andrea Morandini, energy manager of Cartiere del Garda, who described some solutions for energy saving.

Read more on RISI

PPI Environment: MONTREAL, Aug. 19, 2015 (Local News) -When looking for a solution to providing developing countries with clean drinking water, Teri Dankovich may have found the answer in a book.

Link to WWF's views on forestry certification



A consumer perspective on the environment and sustainable forestry Mikael Selling CEO Opticom Group

“This time it’s different” - Changes in global pulp markets - Hawkins Wright

Fiber-based alternatives to overcome the plastic challenge - Saara Söderberg Vice President, MCD Industry

Pulp market outlook: short-term cycles & long-term trends - Tom Wright

Pulp Industry Consolidation - What next? Teija Konttori

Bioeconomy Presentation by Anna Maija Wessman

Jin Asada speaking about trading houses

Pirkko Petäyä on tissue market

Solis Power Engineering, our main sponsor, has given a very interesting presentation on renewable energy but mainly on energy efficiency systems and their applications to various sectors including the pulp and paper one.

Angelo Drusiani, head of fixed income at Albertini Syz, has spoken about financial markets' distortions brought by excessive speculation and high velocity trading.

Brian Mc Lay, founder of well-known and respected Brian Mc Lay & Associates, has given us his description, view and forecast of global pulp markets, basing his assumptions on current and future demand & supply and on other variables.

Costell's Presentation



Pulp Imports into Italy during 2014

A presentation made by Assocarta on paper between cliches and reality

Macro-economic presentation by Mr Katsnelson

Rules text in English

Invitation, program, summary info

Acceptance form

Presentation by Massimo Ramunni, Assocarta

Presentation by Davide Paradiso of Conlegno

1-Presentation by Multi Marine Services

Presentation by Pöyry

Presentation by Prof. Boltho

Presentation by Assocarta

Presentation by Assocarta - Slides in italian

2009 Forest Industry Report by FAO and UNECE

Comparativr analisis of FSC rewuirements for Controlled Wood and the PEFCR, PEFC-Germany and SFI Standards (the document is in Italian).

Pulp imports Jan-Dec 2011 into Italy - Graph

Pulp (all types) imports into Italy during full year 2011

Other interesting pulp & paper stats

Paper & board production & apparent consumption last 10 years until 2011. Source: Assocarta.

A presentation given in 2006 by IUCAB, International Union of Commercial Agents and Brokers, about Pulp Agents' rights.

The amplifier for smartphones made of a folded cartonboard convinced the organizers. It will be one of excellence of Made in Italy at the World Expo

Accordo economico collettivo 16 febbraio 2009 per la disciplina del rapporto di agenzia e rappresentanza commerciale del settore del commercio

This survey, implementd by the Association PaperImpact, contains a very useful summary of the various standards whith which producers of specialty and packaging papers are daily confronted with. The "handbook" contains a brief description, and link to the relative website, of the various standards like the "Eco Labels" (Nordic Swan, Blauer Engel etc.), forestry certifications (FSC etc.) and more (REACH and other regulations).

Print Power project brochure, original version in English

Presentation by Oliver Landsell, Hawkins Wright: Outlook for Market Pulp Supply and Demand

Presentation by Tom Wright - Hawkins Wright: Focus on China

Presentation by Paolo Mattei and Massimo Ramunni: Print Power & Two Sides

Saara Soderberg's Presentation

Antonio Cristofanelli's Presentation

Roger Wright's Presentation

A comparison between existing practices of Sustainable Forest Management

New European Laws Come Into Force

Presentaion by Kirsten Lange of The Boston Consulting Group given during Europulp meeting in Montecatini in September 2009 about Perspectives on the global crisis and opportunities for pulp in Europe

Study on China

WWF Presentation

Presentation Due Diligence on illegal logging

Print Power Presentation